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  1. Pine



    Nature can not be made by human hands... or can it?


    The series called "Pine" is a followup on the "Bark" series where I research the transformation of nature when it is remade by human hands. Perception, skill and the use of material, re shaped the object to a piece that represents the natural form.


    In this series I took it one step further. I approached the tree as a living organism in which many process take place. By drawing a tree with this in mind, the tree started to reform. After I used this drawing as a blueprint for two new sculptures, all that remains from the tree is a distorted reflection where a human functioned as mirror.

  2. Sketches of a mechanised tree 2016

  3. Forgotten Pine 2 - 2018

    250x200x450 cm


  4. Forgotten Pine - 2016

    400x350x80 cm