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  1. "Object" series


    It’s not as easy as it seems, to look at an object as purely an object.
    We are so used to first putting it in a context, for instance a context of art, furniture, tools, etc. that we often value it only from within this context. It never really is the object it self that determines what it is.

    This series consists of several moving objects that are made to be an object.
    In this sense they are allowed to be free from any opposed context, and they may do what they do best.
    Each object has it’s own solitary character, and moves in it’s own way.

  2. Object 3: Along the way


    80x110x265 cm

    steel, brass gear and motor


  3. Object 2: Moving leaf


    300x300x90 cm

    steel, tinplate, motor

  4. Object 1


    80x180x200 cm

    copper tubing, steel frame, nuts and bolts, gears, electric motor

    Made possible by BIN (The Belgian Institute for Normalization), Turnhout, BE

  5. La Machine


    106x123x100 cm

    metal, electromotor and rubber roller

  6. Exhibition at MIR in Arnhem 2016