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Built with

  1. Martien vd Hoven



    This work is commisioned by the culture factory in Veghel to honour the work Marien vd Hoven did for the cultural building. The work shows how the warm water from the neigbour company is used to heat up the building. If the water running trough the pipes is cold, the work wil stop spining and the light turns ice blue. when the water warms up, the work increses ti's speed, the leafs fold open and the light turns to a warm red colour. 

  2. staircase fence


    Oosterbeek, NL

  3. Colonisation
    Arab cartoon festival 2018
    210x230x148 cm

  4. Wall reliëf
    130x100 cm

  5. Spine
    commisioned by Scandalisi dance 2017
    58x6x10 cm